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The Sunshade Sandbox

A great back yard spot for the kids to pretend they're spending the day at the beach!

Getting it together
To get started, you'll need four eight-foot 1 x 8's for the sides (A), shelf back (E) and canopy frame (G & H). You'll need an eight-foot 1 x 12 for the seats (C) and the cleat strips (L) - and an eight-foot 4 x 4 for the two posts (B). You'll also need a half-sheet of 1/2" exterior grade plywood for the bottom (J) plus a bit more of the same for the Pivot Supports (K). Add a half-sheet of 1/4" exterior plywood for the top/cover (K), plus the hardware listed in the bill of materials and you're ready to go to work.

Sawing the parts
Cut your stock to size, following the bill of materials. NOTE: Make the seats by first cutting an 11-1/4" square piece of stock from one end of your eight-foot 1" x 12"...then cutting this piece in half diagonally at a 45-degree angle. Later, you'll rip much of what's left of this stock into 3/4" x 3/4" strips for use as cleats.

With your Bandsaw Miter Gauge set at 60-degrees, cut the decorative top angles on the post tops. Caution: Do not attempt to make these cuts on your table saw.

Use your Bandsaw again (or a hand-held saber saw) to cut the notches in the bottom (J), top (K) and shelf ends (D) for the posts and 3/4" x 3/4" screw blocks in the two front corners of the bottom (J).

Make a 45-degree diagonal cut across the two front corners of the top (K) so it will sit down flush with the two seat tops and rest on the upper edges of the sides (A) when in use.

Use your Bandsaw to cut the two semi-circular pivot supports (F) from 1/2" plywood. Drill a 3/8" hole at the pivot point and a 7/16" hole at each end of the pivot slots in each of the supports (F). Use a Scroll Saw, hand-held saber saw or router to cut the pivot slots.

Drill 1/4" pilot holes in the posts (B), as well as the left, right and rear sides (A) for the corner lag screws. IMPORTANT: Be sure to stagger these hole positions so the lag screws you insert through the back sides of the posts don't intersect with those you insert through the post sides.

Drill a series of 1" diameter holes in the bottom (J) to allow for drainage.

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