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The Sunshade Sandbox

A great back yard spot for the kids to pretend they're spending the day at the beach!


Sit back in your favorite easy chair. Close your eyes and recall those misty memories of childhood days gone by. Remember feeling the warm, soft sand beneath the soles of your feet...the coolness on your fingertips as you'd dig deeper and deeper...the lazy hours whiled away building sand castles under a hot, cloudless Summer sky?

It made no difference whether your experiences in the sand were on a beach or in a cozy box in your own back yard, you were driven to dig and explore, immersed in the imaginative fun it provided.

Then, as now, kids were kids and with your help, your kids can enjoy many happy hours in this special, free-standing Sunshade Sandbox, just as you did when you were young and fancy-free. Oh, to be a kid again!



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